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Injectables in Orefield, PA

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Injectables in Orefield, PA

We know the options can be overwhelming, we keep our online booking simple and focused on localized areas of treatment.

Sorelle provides an array of injection services including neurotoxins such as Dysport, Jeuveau and Xeomin. These reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give your face a smoother, younger appearance.

We use HA dermal fillers to enhance lips and replace volume loss throughout the face to maintain a youthful appearance and enhance the patient’s natural beauty.


Sculptra is a revolutionary injectable treatment that stands out among the various options available for facial rejuvenation. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, Sculptra stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, gradually restoring volume and minimizing wrinkles. This poly-lactic acid-based filler is particularly effective in addressing signs of aging, such as sagging skin and deep folds. Patients often appreciate the subtle and natural-looking results achieved over a series of treatments, which can last up to two years. Sculptra is a popular choice for those seeking a non-surgical approach to facial enhancement with long-lasting benefits.


While individual experiences may vary, noticeable improvements become apparent over a few weeks as the collagen production process unfolds. Full results may develop gradually after a series of treatments.

The longevity of Sculptra results varies, but many patients enjoy the benefits for up to two years. Maintenance treatments can help extend the duration of the effects.

Patients typically begin to notice the effects of neurotoxin injections within a few days, with full results manifesting throughout one to two weeks.

Consulting with a qualified practitioner can help determine the most suitable neurotoxin based on individual needs and preferences, as there are slight differences in formulation and onset of action among the three options.

The duration of HA filler results varies depending on the specific product and treatment area. Generally, effects can last six months to two years, and maintenance sessions can prolong the benefits.

Although side effects from injections are usually mild and temporary, they may include swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection site. These reactions generally subside within a few days. It is recommended to consult with a skilled injector to minimize risks and ensure a positive experience.


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