Dermal Fillers in Orefield, PA

Dermal Fillers in Orefield, PA

Dermal fillers increase volume in the face and smooth out facial wrinkles and fine lines. They work by injecting a gel-like substance underneath the skin to increase volume and improve facial contours. Dermal fillers can treat various areas, including the cheeks, lips, under-eye hollows, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines. The treatment aims to create a youthful appearance by addressing volume loss and enhancing facial features.

Dermal fillers are suitable for individuals who wish to restore volume and minimize wrinkles on the face. People who are ideal candidates have moderate to severe facial wrinkles, volume loss, or those seeking to enhance their facial contours. After treatment, you can see the effects immediately, with the full effect visible within a few days. The longevity of the results varies with the filler used, but typically lasts between six months and two years. Book an appointment with Sorelle Aesthetics today!

Types of Dermal Fillers

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a natural filler that uses the patient’s blood to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the skin.

Engel is a bio-compatible filler that provides immediate volume and long-term skin improvement through its gel matrix structure.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Immediate results
Non-surgical treatment
Enhances facial contours
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Improves skin texture
Stimulates collagen production
Customizable treatment options
Minimal downtime
Long-lasting results
Suitable for various facial areas


The best candidate for dermal fillers is someone with moderate to severe facial wrinkles, volume loss, or wanting to enhance facial contours. Furthermore, candidates should be healthy overall and expect realistic results from the treatment.

After the treatment, you will notice immediate results, with the full effect visible within a few days as swelling or redness subsides.

The results from dermal fillers can last between six months to two years, depending on the type of filler used and the treated area.

Dermal fillers typically involve minimal downtime. Temporary redness, swelling, bruising, or tenderness are common reactions to injections, which usually resolves within a few days.

Before the treatment, avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements to reduce the risk of bruising. After the treatment, avoid strenuous exercise, excessive sun exposure, and touching the treated area to allow the fillers to settle properly.

A healthcare professional will cleanse the area and numb it with a cream to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for the patient. Injections of filler are then performed using fine needles in the target areas. A typical procedure lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the area that needs to be treated.


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