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Dermal Fillers in Orefield, PA

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Dermal Fillers in Orefield, PA

Dermal fillers have risen in popularity because of their versatility to achieve multiple outcomes. Our skin loses volume and elasticity over time due to environmental factors, repetitive muscle movement, and the natural effects of aging. At Sorelle Aesthetics, we use dermal fillers to restore and replenish youthful suppleness and enhance facial contours to reach individual aesthetic goals.

Dermal fillers can:

  • Smooth marionette lines, smile lines, and parentheses around the mouth.
  • Restore lost volume.
  • Diminish vertical lip lines.
  • Plump and create symmetry in the lips.
  • Smooth chin dimples and creases.
  • Improve balance in facial features.
  • Raise scar depressions.


Dermal fillers are made with a hyaluronic acid (HA) base. Injectable HA is a replica of the naturally occurring molecule found in the body. Best known for its unique ability to carry 1,000 times its weight in water, HA provides deep hydration to skin tissues.

Dermal filler is a soft, gel-like substance that improves volume while deeply hydrating tissues. Your Sorelle Aesthetics provider will strategically administer the dermal filler under the skin to achieve specific outcomes. The results are semi-permanent, lasting roughly twelve months.

Your Sorelle Aesthetics injector will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area before injection. The injections feel similar to a pinch and can cause discomfort; However, the pain dissipates quickly. After your treatment, you can expect swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the treatment site.

You will notice the results immediately! Swelling will arise within minutes and last for up to two weeks. After two weeks, the results of your filler injections will settle into place. You will require maintenance injections every 6-12 months to sustain long-term results.


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